Biscoff tiramisu (Shirt)


Rs. 2,400.00
MRP Inclusive of taxes
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Country of Origin: India

Sold by: Suta Pvt. Ltd.

Full Length: 28 Inches

Sleeve length : 24 Inches

Fabric: Cotton

Wash Care: Dry wash

Sleeves : Full Sleeves

Opening : Front Button Opening

The Model is wearing trouser called Sesame Ice Cream

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

Classics aren’t meant to be tampered with, he grumbled. He listlessly browsed through his Instagram feed, which was replete with songs he’d grown up listening to mashed up with more contemporary numbers that made him want to go back to bed and lay there all day. Yes, he was a purist and he saw no harm in it. But then, his gaze fell over to the package his boyfriend had lovingly sent him that morning – a biscoff tiramisu from his favourite patisserie. It was an indulgence that was guaranteed to make his day brighter. As he gleefully scooped up a spoonful, the irony of the situation hit him. Tiramisu was an Italian classic and his Italian counterpart was probably throwing a fit this very moment about the inclusion of biscoff into this traditional dessert. With a quiet smile, he decided that not all remixes were a bad thing.

Fuse your traditional side with your contemporary swagger, in this mustard cotton shirt.

One of the most popular natural fibres in the world, cotton is hailed for its beauty, comfort, durability and versatility. Cotton is also naturally sustainable and its cultivation supports local farmers and communities. A low maintenance fabric, cotton is also hypoallergenic, making it the perfect choice around the year.

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