Coal mole


Rs. 6,500


Lurking in the depths of the planet, enduring a long after-life, the forest yearned to see daylight again. Turning every bit of its being into an intense black, it wondered if it can ever be amidst the rest of the life forms that seemed so far away now. Yet, when the miners gave the former forest a rebirth, it was ready to give itself completely to the rest of the world – all over again.

Steal the show in style and aplomb with this absolutely simple yet gorgeous black raw silk lehenga skirt!


Raw silk exudes a grandeur that very few other fabrics can. The regal shine that vibrates from a raw silk saree spells class and traditional beauty. The process of producing raw silk involves multiple stages such as extracting silk threads from the cocoons of silk-worms, twisting multiple silk threads to make strong threads and weaving the threads on handlooms. Particularly, raw silk is that which contains sericin, which is a gummy substance produced by the silk worms while building the cocoon. The silk worms are made to feed on Mulberry trees for high-quality silk. India is one of the top producers of silk in the world and the fabric is always in demand for its visual attractiveness. People associate silk with special occasions and richness. Raw silk is versatile and can boast of a grand appeal as well as a quiet grace; you can dress it down or go over the top. On the whole, raw silk is a fabric that can never go wrong. So, whether you are all set for a night of glamour or you want to turn on your traditional charm, raw silk can be just the thing you are looking for!

Wash Care: Dry Wash


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