Dragonfly Wings (Saree)


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Country of Origin: India

Packed By: Suta Pvt. Ltd.

Registered Address: Om ShivAmbika Co-Op Hsg Soc, Kalina, Santacruz East, Mumbai-400098

Length: 5.5 meters ; Width: 46 inches

Blouse Piece: No

Fabric: Modal Viscose

Wash Care: Gentle Handwash

Blouse: The model is wearing S size blouse called Udti Titli

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Colour may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

Level 2: Dragonfly Wings

She was terrified of heights. But here she was, plummeting down what felt like an endless fall. Above her was the endless void of the night sky. Below her was the fiery pit of an active volcano. She had to come up with something. Anything. But her racing mind found no answers. And, as if to make matters worse, she heard a loud buzzing sound approach her. If there was one thing Tara hated more than heights, it was insects. And there was a very large one approaching her. It was a dragonfly and it was roughly the size of a small house. She wondered how to get rid of it. Would lying still help? Or should she strike at it? Or did none of it matter for she would soon meet her end in the fiery embrace of the lava that was rushing to meet her?  

Before she could contemplate any further, the dragonfly lunged forward and deftly hoisted her up on its back. Through its gossamer wings, she gazed at the mouth of the volcano receding until it was a mere speck, and velvet curtains of the night sky unravelling to reveal the most beautiful aurora she’d ever laid eyes on. It occurred to her that, sometimes, what we consider our biggest challenges are, in fact, blessings in disguise. By befriending the dragonfly, she not only got over one of her biggest fears but learned the importance of being open and receptive to the changing world around her. And with that, she’d earned the second cloak of her quest. She was wiser and now, she was ready to forge on.  

Embrace your challenges and convert them into enriching opportunities when you wear this gorgeous printed saree made of modal viscose that is inspired by the iridescent beauty of dragonflies.

To be continued…

Viscose and modal are bio-based fibres derived from plants. They are extracted from a compound called cellulose, which lends stiffness and support to plants. This cellulose is realigned to create a fabric that is soft, durable and breathable. When both the fibres are combined, modal imparts lightness and a rich feel to the fabric. Both the fibres are responsibly sourced and have a low carbon footprint.

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