Gauhar (Scarf)


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Country of Origin: India

Her diamonds were in a vault and her rubies were in the safe. Her pearls were preserved by her sister and her emeralds were protected by a security pin. But then, she kept her most precious gems in the safest place of all. Her memories were locked away in the depths of her heart!

This stole in the most gorgeous Pashmina wool is a fabric of love! The red and lilac grey hues on either side bring warmth!

Length: 80 Inches , Width: 16 Inches

Fabric: Pashmina

Wash Care: Dry wash 

A Pashmina is synonymous with luxury. It is one of those rarities in the world that will make your heart fall for it at the first glance. The Pashmina is native to Kashmir and has been woven in this region for centuries. It is believed to have had Persian influences before that as the name ’Pasmina’ in Persina means “made from wool’. Every step of crafting a Pashmina is unique and deserves to be celebrated. From collecting the wool from the goat in the moulting season to spinning, weaving and finishing the fabric, every step is carried out by expert craftsmen by hand and it is this mastery of craft that shines in the Pashmina like no other. It takes 20 to 30 days for 1 Pashmina fabric to be made and the process of making the fabric is truly art by itself.

So, take this priceless art home today and celebrate beauty in its true sense with this gorgeous Pashmina scarf from Suta!

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