Pyaare Bhaiya (Rakhi)


MRP: Rs. 280.00
Price inclusive of taxes
Country of Origin: India
Sold by: Suta Pvt. Ltd.

Pyaare Bhaiya, you are the best thing that happened to me. But, I’ll never tell you that. Maybe it’s my superstition that if I tell it out then I might not love you as much. Nah, that is never going to happen. Still, I won’t tell you. Instead, I’ll share my favourite chocolate with you. I’ll share YOUR favourite chocolate with you. And, maybe I’ll send this Rakhi to you! 

This Rakhi is just what you need to let your sibling or your loved one know how much they mean to you. It is a hug tied to the wrist and symbolizes the unconditional love of brotherhood/sisterhood. The beautiful hand-made touches added by our artisans to the cotton Rakhis make them that much more precious, just like your bond!

Dimension of Rakhi : Diameter   Inches

Dimension of String :    Inches

Fabric : Cotton with hand embroidery

Please note : 1.Rakhis are non returnable and non exchangeable
2. Exceptions to be considered case to case.

This Rakhi is made of cotton thread with embellishments and details added beautifully to it, with an abundance of love!

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