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Ratri kamal (Blouse)

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Product Type: Blouse

Type: Padded

Fabric: Silk

Sleeve: Elbow Length Sleeves

Sleeve Length: 11.75 Inches

Neckline: V Neck

Blouse Length: 14 Inches

Front Neck Depth: 8.5 Inches

Back Neck Depth: 2 Inches

Opening: Front Hooks

Wash care: Dry clean

The model is wearing size S blouse and the saree is Chanchal Jawa Kusum

 Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

What You will Recieve: 1 Blouse

In the night, when the world was cocooned in sleep’s dark cloak, she shimmied up the little ladder beside her bedroom window and gingerly made her way to the roof. There, propping her head against a small makeshift pillow of hay, she lay for hours, counting stars. With no clock to confine her, she turned to the skies for guidance. She waited until a galaxy that she didn’t yet know the name of appeared on the Western horizon. To her untrained eye, the stars were arranged in a lotus-shaped formation. She’d wait until each of these stars had faded into oblivion and then make her way back to her bed. The stars spoke to her of the afterlife, of where those she had once loved so dearly now lived. It was her way of staying connected with those who’d left her behind. And, perhaps, it was their way of letting her know that they’d always be watching over her.

Stay connected with those you’ve loved and lost, when you wear this gorgeous black silk blouse, that features a sophisticated v-neck design.

Silk is naturally obtained from the cocoons of the silk moth Bombyx mori. Silk fibres obtained from the cocoon are wound on spools and woven on looms. The history of silk production dates back to ancient China, where silk was first discovered. Gradually, the production and trade of silk spread to different parts of the world, via the silk route. This lustrous fabric is said to be one of the strongest natural fabrics in the world and is known for its high textile strength.

Ratri kamal - suta
Ratri kamal Sale priceRs. 4,200.00

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