Sky in my pocket ( Handkerchief )


MRP: Rs. 70.00
Price inclusive of taxes
Country of Origin: India
Sold by: Suta Pvt. Ltd.

Length: 16.5 inches; Width: 17 inches

Fabric: Mul cotton

Wash care: 

1. Hand wash separately in cold water and salt and mild detergent
2. Don't soak it in water for more than 5 minutes
3. Medium iron


Kerchiefs are deceivingly innocent-looking pieces of fabrics that are slick in their ways. A simple piece of this fabric becomes an heirloom when grandma hand-embroiders your initials on it. It becomes the most romantic poem when a lover drops it only for you to pick it up. It becomes a badge of a mother’s love when she pins it to her child’s uniform. It is such an unassuming piece of fabric that has a way of becoming a part of innumerable stories. If I were to personify the hand-kerchief, I would say that it is a person that jumps into a scene and takes life, never a by-stander. 

As we launch this collection of buttery soft, eclectic mul hand-kerchiefs, we can’t wait to see how these become part of your lives, your stories. Can you?

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