Turtle Bale (Blouse)


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Country of Origin: India

The sunny shore felt like home. The turtles have been here before and now they were here again. When they wanted to shut off the world they retreated into the shells, but when it was time for their day in the sun, they painted the entire beach with magic and how!

This Tussar blouse in green with black embroidery is too gorgeous to miss!

Type: Padded

Fabric: Tussar silk with turtle hand embroidery

Saree: Su, the model is wearing a saree called Stardust mint


Ta, the model is wearing a saree called Black biology


Sleeve : Sleeveless

Neckline :  V Neck

Opening: Back Hook

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness.

The Tussar silk is a material that is synonymous with richness and lush beauty. This material is woven using silk threads obtained from the cocoons of silkworms belonging to the moth genus Antheraea. Since most of these silkworms are found in forest areas, Tussar silk is also known to be a wild silk variety or a forest product. The characteristic features of this material are the deep gold colour that the silk exudes and the amazing texture.  This kind of silk is thicker than normal silk but needs to be taken care of and preserved since the fibres are shorter and can result in a decrease in durability. But then, anything precious has to be taken care of, right? The natural sheen of this fabric is inimitable and is perfect for festive occasions as well as when you want the spotlight on you!

The magical feel of this fabric combined with the weaving skills of talented weaver results in a fabric that will embrace you and make you shine!

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