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Article: Of a Feminist and a Saree

Of a Feminist and a Saree - suta

Of a Feminist and a Saree

Willowy, sensual, almost mystical – the saree!

And thank providence you are a woman.

This magic weave drapes you. You, who are intelligent, passionate, courageous, poignant, witty, hellfire, a little crazy at the edges. And strong. And fierce. A saree never asks of you to fit in, it fits you.

So what is it about a saree and a feminist? Magnificently similar. Nothing awry there. A saree recognizes no labels. Sarees are gender fluid – men wear it to sometimes advocate it as a gender neutral garment, some as a rebellious expression of femininity.

Gender issues used for suppression can be used as tools for liberty. And so exactly is the case with a saree. You are what you want to be, in any way you want to drape yourself – in thought, in body. A saree is the ultimate object of desire, of dignity. In simplicity, in opulence, in its malleability lies its innate elegance.

A feminist is someone who supports feminism. It could be either of the two genders, but it’s more so about the gender who believes in fairness and equal opportunity for their lot. Women who are thinkers, who are firebrands and who make the world a fairer place to breathe in. Women who wear the saree, with its eddies and twirls, and find themselves in the positions of power - being draped in probably the most feminine piece of garment in the planet. It hides what you’d rather not show – and shows what you choose to with so much abandon!

So Woman, live the full circle. Complete the world. There’s more to life than being a passenger, as Amelia Earhart said.

Drape yourself the way you wish, dream your dreams, stretch your horizons, be it. Not docile. Not limited. Unless you choose to be.

A saree is an expression of what you think. Adorn it and feel that special way, allow the sunshine to scamper across your toes!

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, steeped in traditions and values. But despite this, did you know that India has almost no wage disparity between men and women, compared to Europe and the United States? We haven’t done too badly, have we, the feminists? This is the land where goddesses are revered. Devi – the ‘exalted, shining one’. Parvati - of love, beauty, divine power; Ganga – whose power had to be contained before she cascaded onto the Himalayas; Kamadhenu – the deity of abundance; Kali, Durga – the Shakti that destroys evil…the list is endless, woven in a myriad of enchanting tales from Indian mythology. All garbed beautifully in sarees.

Glad I’m born in this land of antiquity, in the land of sarees and its un-numbered weaves. It kind of celebrates womanhood. A drape that is soaked in convention, but oh-so alluring, so chic!

Right then – create, laugh, cry, heal, be kind. Kindness comes from incredible strength. Think of Mother Teresa – bless the mother in her saree!

Start with wielding the wand in this beautiful drape that is the Saree…

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