Beautiful blouse-saree pairings from Suta

Here are some irresistible blouses and the perfect saree pairs for all of them. Go bonkers over these, take them into your wardrobes and thank us later!

Look 1:

Saree: Mudapples-

Blouse: Surkhi -

This gorgeous Chanderi blouse is perfect for this soft made-in-heaven mul saree. The gold accents of the blouse add that extra prettiness while the malleable saree can be draped in many different types of drapes such as the ones that Sujata has worn.


Look 2:

Saree: Polka Those Days-

Blouse: Bandh blouse-

It is super fun to accessorize sarees with belts and jackets. Jackets go very well with the Bandh halter neck blouse and the Polka dots saree opens up so many styling possibilities that it’s amazing! 


 Look 3:

Saree: Rose and midnight-

Blouse: Bandh -

This softest ever Mul saree has just the right shades of prettiness and elegance. It calls for some amazing experiments, especially with the Bandh blouse. Wear it like only you can!


Look 4: 

Saree: Faith-

Blouse: Cobalt Eri-

The resplendent shade of this saree is just waiting to be discovered by the diva in you! Pair it up with this uber chic Cobalt Eri blouse and you are all set to win over the world!



Look 5:

Saree: Hues of Fuchsia Flower-

Blouse: Hoor-

The lovely shades of Fuchsia will become the perfect canvas to play around with and the Hoor blouse is just the right partner in crime! Style it up like a boss or let your hair down with this combination. It is sure to win hearts!



Look 6:

Saree: Mahogany-

Blouse: Basic Gulabi-

Whether it is for a fun day in the sun, an evening party or just to lift your spirits up at home, this saree and blouse will do the trick amazingly! The bright pop of gulabi colour and the sexy shade of the saree will embrace you like true love! Experiment with the drapes and discover your own style!