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Article: When the saree gives us superpowers!

When the saree gives us superpowers! - suta

When the saree gives us superpowers!

Sarees are so good that it is hard to believe they are just meant for clothing. We see sarees and we see love in the weaves, stories of communities that create it, magic of many years of tradition and the promises for a beautiful future. We can’t help but think of the saree as an entity that makes life so much more joyful. So, as we mull over all that a saree can possibly be, we realised that the saree, in fact, gives us superpowers. Here are some of them!

We would be able to fly: 

Well, not quite literally. But, figuratively, a saree can get us ready to rock any occasion in a jiffy.

It is a total myth that sarees are time-consuming to drape. All you need is to find the right saree with the right fabric and you can fly away looking impeccable in no time. Our Suta Queens who have managed to drape our made-in-heaven muls in less than a minute and look gorgeous are testimony to this!

We would be able to teleport:

Have you ever draped one of your mom’s saree? Do you remember the way your grandma’s saree felt when she hugged you? Sarees can transport you to a world of memories and make you feel all that love all over again!

We would be able to become invisible...well almost:

This is interesting. Sarees can make you steal the spotlight when you want and yet they can make you go into stealth mode just as easily. Not sure what we are talking about? We are talking about the way you style a saree. You can become next-door-neighbour from a diva in just a few seconds and vice-versa. Also, the ghunghat is an ingenious way to av ert all attention and make a little turtle-shell of an attire when you are just not ready for human interaction.

We would be ALWAYS looking like a million bucks:

This one is a no-brainer. Has anyone in a saree not looked phenomenal? It always makes you feel special and makes you look gorgeous!

So, what are you waiting for? Put together that saree-rack in your wardrobe and be the super woman that you are!

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