Saree: Jamdani Cotton

Entry number four-

Saree: Jamdani Cotton

Dear Diary,

So, today was a day of rest and I lounged to my heart’s content in my beautiful saree bag at a quiet corner of the wardrobe. A day in the spotlight does take a toll on you. Contrary to popular belief, it is not very easy being the centre of attraction. Every move you make will be noticed by people and it is hard to just let go and be yourself. But, I learnt recently that you don’t always have to behave like people expect you to behave. Sometimes it is ok to loosen up the pleats or to let the pallu flow without those stringent pins to hold you in place. Of course people will talk. When I stay upright, people will say that I’m not draping the lady properly and when I feel like letting go and going with the flow, they will say stuff like “Oh the Jamdani, such a beautiful fabric but it just doesn’t stay stiffly in place”. So what? Isn’t it beautiful to look flow-y instead of stiffly upright and vice versa? Isn’t there beauty in imperfection as well? The world needs more people who are able see the incredible beauty that sits in what we usually perceive as ‘flaws’, right?

Well, I guess it is definitely heartening to see that more and more people are realising this and that’s why sarees are being draped in a hundred different ways on fashion show ramps by fashionistas. But, more people need to understand that whether it is your life or the way you drape your saree, the choice is only yours and no one else’s. As long as you don’t hurt others, everything has place on this planet and no one is eligible to judge and put others down. Phew, that was some rant!

Speaking of long rants, a lot of such rants are going on in my mind off late. I think I’m growing up to access all the layers of myself. What layer, you ask? Well, to explain that I need to tell you how I’m made. So, the process of weaving a Jamdani is one of the most painstaking processes of fabric weaving. Basically, in addition to the usual warp and weft, a supplementary weft is used to create intricate designs while weaving. It is a highly laborious process, no doubt. But, nothing ever gets wasted in the world does it? All the efforts of the weavers result in an airy and delicate fabric with designs that appear to be floating on it. The closest analogy is a lotus flower floating on the fluid fabric of water! So the fabric looks like two separate layers but is actually just one. So, now as I’m growing older I’m able to appreciate all these layers within me and the incredible beauty in myself.

As I think more about this, I’m beginning to realise that almost everything in the world is made up of layers. Some layers are easily visible, some are practically invisible, but this depth is what makes everything beautiful. Maybe, there is a common layer to all the stuff in the universe that binds us together. Our eyes may not be trained to see this layer yet, but you feel it, don’t you? Even the most diverse creatures or things seem to have a common connect that we have not yet quite put our fingers upon. Oh, wait. Maybe that is what is called love! If this is true then all of us are literally in (a layer of) love, always! Just maybe :)

Well, I would love to continue to let my crazy mind go savage, but my body is saying otherwise. The pallu is now physically refusing to hold the pen. What? Relaxing is a job and I always do my job well. So, I will see you again later Diary. Back to lounging now. Haaa the bliss!