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Article: To all #SutaQueens, here’s what you need to breeze through monsoon moods !

To all #SutaQueens, here’s what you need to breeze through monsoon moods ! - suta

To all #SutaQueens, here’s what you need to breeze through monsoon moods !

You and your Suta – Breeze through monsoon moods with the perfect saree for company!

Monsoons are magical. Life has this strange way of making us believe that we are all doing something very important with our lives by keeping us busy until we take a moment to step back and realize that things are actually very simple…..and insanely beautiful! And, monsoons make us take that step back. Well, sometimes it is the puddles that make us take a step back but they are equally beautiful, aren’t they?

The season of love, wonder, romance and gorgeous chaos is upon us now. There is only one way to deal with this and that is to surrender totally to the strings of H2O that mother is playing her symphonies on. Whether you like to gaze at the glory of rain from the safe confines of the indoors or you like to brave the pitter patter with your favourite umbrella, we at Suta have just the right sarees  to make your monsoon experience even more cherishable. So, whatever mood the monsoon brings out in you, here are the best Suta sarees that will keep you company this monsoon along with those endless cups of chai!

1. Bid adieu to Monday blues: 
Monday blues have the notorious reputation of taking down even the most enthusiastic people amongst us. More so during monsoons because come on, who wants to go to work when we can laze around in the bed all day with our favourite book, right? Well, our kind of Monday Blues is different. Flow into your Mondays with the delicate grace of this made in heaven mul saree and watch your Mondays turn amazing!


2. Let the romance engulf you:

What are monsoons if not the perfect setting that nature provides for love stories to bloom in full effect? The romance starts with the dark clouds in the sky flirting with the beautiful expanse of soil on the ground and thus love truly fills the air to affect all other life forms, making them vulnerable to the most beautiful feeling in the world. So, gear up and invite the best romance of your life this monsoon with Love Checks from Suta.


3. When you are the muse to nature’s glooms:

The gloomy weather where sunshine plays hide and seek can really bring out the lazy, grumpy side within us. But, that need not be a bad thing. Embrace the gloomy mood and make a day of it with the Gracious Grey saree. Show the world that you love yourself in all your moods and show them how gorgeous the greys can be!


4. Be the kid you’ve always wanted to be:

Rains are probably time-machines because they have the ability to take us to times of pure innocence and fun, times when we were kids. This is probably why it is just so hard to resist jumping over puddles and tasting those drops of heaven when the monsoons are here. Whether you want to just stay still and take in the petrichor or lip-sync Singin In The Rain to Gene Kelly’s mesmerizing vocals, this is the perfect season to just let yourself be. So, this monsoon season, let the kid inside you come out in full glory along with the gorgeous grace of the Sundowner saree from Suta.

5. When the drizzle takes over:

The light drizzle that teases us with its invitation to come and get wet in the rain is irresistible. The dancers and singers inside us come out as we step into the stage of a magical downpour that washes away our inhibition. Become a pop of colour while also blending into the scene with the uber-gorgeous Green Chilli.


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