Bodomaa (Shashiko Katha)


Rs. 6,800

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My strict, disciplinarian mother suddenly looked like a carefree little child when she was around her. I called her Bodomaa but she really was maa to me in every sense. She would pore over my report card, making a mental chart of my progress over the year. Half of my wardrobe was always filled with clothes that she bought for me, ones that matched with those she bought for her own daughter. Really, that one photo of me and little Guddu (her daughter) wearing the very same outfit with the exact same hairstyle sums up what Bodomaa was. She was never a fan of displaying her love with grand gestures. She stayed up all night before my entrance exam results and then cried more than my mother when I left for college. I took notes of all these things, in a little notebook that I preserve. Because, when Guddu has kids of her own, I will be Bodomaa to them after all. “

This beautiful quilt in hues of blue has the beauty of Kantha and Sashiko coming together on layers of soft made-in-heaven mul to wrap you in comfort! You could use it as a casual throw to add charm to your interiors as well. 

Length: 91.3 inches  ; Width: 169 inches

Fabric:  Mul Cotton

Filling : Cotton Fabric

Layer : 3 Layers

Size : Single Bed

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Color may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness.

Kantha is traditional art that originated right in the heart of loving households of the Bengal region where the industrious women upcycled fabric bits into quilts, blankets and clothing by stitching them together and then crafted beautiful embroidery patterns across the kaleidoscope of fabrics. The incredible warmth of used mul sarees was stitched together in layers with delicate stitches running all across the fabrics to hold the layers together. After finishing the household chores for the day, the women would sit together in a group and stitch away with all their love. These quilts became one with the family and more of heirloom. Our traditional kantha artisans have worked to bring that very same love of Dida/Thakuma to your homes. They have used spectacular motifs and delicate stitching techniques to create stunning art and each quilt is truly a masterpiece. One quilt takes 4 monthsto be made and every single one is hence a result of incredible patience and craft. 

In combination with the rich art of Kantha, this quilt also has the Japanese folk embroidery of Sashiko woven into it. This is a form of embroidery that originated as a way to mend torn fabrics or to create layers of insulation for coats. This evolved into art that not just mended fabric but made it more beautiful than ever. Sashiko is known for the tessellating designs where shapes are repeated in an interlocked way to create beautiful patterns.

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