Calendar + Planner (Combo)


Rs. 1,100 Rs. 1,150
Country of Origin: India

The Suta Calendar is fun, relatable and a heartfelt expression of our love to you. The lively illustrations and the warm content will bring that beautiful smile on your face, that’s what calendars are for in Suta land! On your desk, on your side-table, or just about anywhere, it spruces up the space while inviting only good vibes into your life for 2021. As for the rest of the story, we will let the calendar speak for itself.

The 2021 Suta Planner is something that we have created with a lot of love to be your constant companion throughout the year and help you ace this game called life. And of course, have great fun while you are at it! From writing a letter to your future self, pondering on your goals, making checklists (how satisfying are those!?), tracking habits and meal plans every month to keeping a tab on to-do lists and reflecting on the highlights of the year, the planner is just the right space for you to sort your mind, your month and your year.

The lively illustrations for every month and the warm content pack our hugs to you so that you have a constant supply of those all year long!

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