Coconut Soywax Candles (Set of 2) (Lamps)


Rs. 400.00
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Country of Origin: India

Sold by: Suta Pvt. Ltd.

The prettiest things are the most simple things and lights stand testimony to this. A tiny candle, when lit up, can bring alive a whole new world that seems infinitely more beautiful than the world that existed. Lights symbolize hope, happiness and peace. The warmth, the glimmer and the beauty of lights is an experience by itself. It comes as no surprise that lights are a part of many important celebrations that we cherish.

So, let there be light, let there be the most gorgeous light, in this season of joy!

Our Sustainable Festive Lights are soy wax candles in coconut shell holders and are just what you need for this festive season to brighten up your home. Soy wax is a sustainable alternative to regular wax as it burns slower and lasts longer. It also burns clearer and produces 90% less soot, and therefore is safer for your loved ones and you. The coconut shell candle holder is crafted for re-use and can be upcycled to be a part of your life in ways that are limited only by your creativity!

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