Jungli (Bag)


Rs. 1,600

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Length : 16 inches Breadth : 14 inches Height  : 15 inches

Fabric : Cotton , jute

Handle Lenght :-  12 inch

Height :- 15 inch

Depth :-   3 inch

Width :-  14 inch

The bag is made of soft cotton fabric with hand-embroidered flowers blossoming generously on it. The inner layer of the bag and the handles are made of durable jute for extended usage. The intricately done embroidery is a result of several days of hard work with different karigars working on different parts of the design. It is not just the skill of the karigars that is visible on the bag but also the love and warmth in their hearts that is reflected in every handmade product. On the whole, this bag is a symbol of simplicity, cheer, joy and just unadulterated beauty!

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