Sajida (Blouse)


Rs. 2,400


A lot had happened since her nimble hands wrote down all of her dreams as a child. She wanted a lot of things. She wanted the finest jewellery and she wanted the best of people around her. She wanted to see the most amazing places in the world as well as the most remote ones. She wanted to swim in the biggest oceans as well as in the tiniest puddles. However, it was strange how she got the feeling of all her dream coming true in an instant. That smile from those tiny lips made her beam. It is true what they say. Daughters are the biggest blessings indeed!


The gorgeous print on the cotton blouse is known as Kalamkari. Kalamkari literally translates to ‘pen craft’. This art form involves exceptionally talented artisans painting beautiful patterns and designs on the fabric and then dyeing it using natural colours. The art is said to have originated in ancient India, where artists travelled from village to village, telling mythological stories through art. These artists used to draw the depictions from the stories and use simple vegetable dyes to add colour. Today, there are digital advancements that can make the work of artisans easier; block printing of Kalamkari designs is also in demand. Whatever form it takes, the heart of the art, the designs, remain ever green.   

This kalamkari blouse is a unique combination of a traditional art-form and a super trendy blouse pattern. In short, it is sure to put the spotlight unmistakably on you and turn heads without fail. Play it up by wearing it with chunky silver earrings and an antique maan-tikka or keep it subtle with simple yet bold geometric earrings. You can really amp up your look with a statement neckpiece that will complement the neckline. So, all you fashionistas out there, this blouse is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. What are you waiting for?

Wash Care: Dry Wash


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