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Article: Suta as Bollywood's gamechanger

Suta as Bollywood's gamechanger - suta

Suta as Bollywood's gamechanger

A new era has arrived. The saree has survived! And it has thrived! Through these merciless centuries of time, against/amidst thousands of growing and changing trends. Ah yes, the mere idea of preserving a fading trend of our purely loving and elegant sarees, restoring people’s faith in their absolute and incredible charm, turning the idea into a movement…a revolution (if I may say so) of unanimous form in itself sounds marvelous! And Bollywood’s role in it has been magnanimous setting a new trend for years to come! From Raveena Tandon’s sensuous Tip Tip Barsa Pani to Sushmita Sen’s drop-dead gorgeous looks in Main Hoon Na to PeeCee’s modern iteration in Dostana we’ve got it all covered and needless to say we’ve also been essentially caught up in its unending grip, never knowing if it’s tighter because of the sarees or these people donning them. But the not-knowing is what adds a uniquely mesmerizing effect. Hard to disagree? Right. 

Let’s travel back a little to the ultimate stunner and diva Sridevi whose persona and remarkably simple yet beautiful sarees have left a mark on Bollywood and our aching hearts! Remember her blue monochrome saree and blouse from Mr. India’s Kaate Nahi Katte? Impossible to forget, because it set a precedent for plain solid sarees. Treading back a little more we would find Mumtaz’s Aajkal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche that has truly stood the test of time and just like history repeated its draping style surging a new wave in the fashion world! Those were the days that created the rules of Bollywood’s saree game and now we are just going in rounds…for us to reminisce and obviously recreate with more passion and enigma than ever! Not an easy task either. But we keep trying!! 

When it comes to delivering a jaw-dropping look, little can replace the allure of a traditional Indian saree and the nine yards have been lovingly immortalized by our Bollywood queens, which directly takes us to our ever-growing world of #sutaqueens and the exact point where these two worlds fascinatingly connect. Come let’s take a look across the wide spectrum of on-screen and off-screen roles where Suta sarees served as the common thread linking us all. I am already super excited to talk about it, shall we begin?

1. Vidya Balan:
From the sweet, innocent girl in "Parineeta" to the strong and stunning lady who pioneered the change in the portrayal of women in Indian Cinema with her versatile roles in numerous female-led films, paving the way for so many others - there's not a single soul who doesn't love you intensely and passionately and wholeheartedly just like you embrace every role, every character yourself!! A self-made woman, a beautiful human. Laal Chumki and you: to be utterly honest I cannot imagine this pair any differently than this ever again, thank you ❤

We have also seen her wearing Suta in few frames of the movie Mission Mangal, in GraziaIndia cover for Goibibo as well as in our mask. Ah such spellbinding grace everywhere! She touches something and turns it into gold! *That’s my cue to stop drooling and move on*

 2. Dia Mirza:

That which is striking and beautiful is not always good, but that which is good is always beautiful. You are a perfect mix of inner and outer beauty - pure, pristine, strikingly beautiful and exceptionally good hearted. Your eyes have a unique shimmer and your smile the carrier of happiness, an effect that only truly good people can bring. Seeing you in our ‘Desert Rose’ made our day. There's surprisingly more positivity around us today and every day since…❤

3. Tisca Chopra:

If you've watched and loved "Taare Zameen Par" you know she is nothing but fabulousness in the pursuit of her true purpose! From enacting various roles in different movies to her directorial debut in Rubaru, she's one tremendously talented actress and remarkably beautiful woman! Doesn't she look ethereal in Suta, as she casually carries it with utmost elegance, focused entirely on her upcoming project? So what new does she have in store for us? Guess we'll find out soon. Aren't you excited? We know we are!! We’ve immense love in store for you. ❤

4. Mithila Palkar:

Mithila and Suta - we love them together. Every time. It's like an unspoken bond, something that's very close to our hearts! She's the kind of woman who walks into a room, up to a platform or on a beach and instantly commands attention, albeit in the cutest manner possible! People are bound to stop doing whatever they were doing just to look at this breathtaking beauty. And the moment she starts speaking her charisma captures all hearts and minds. She's a woman who has found a way to all that (and more) by finding and fighting her own way through all hurdles. Achieving so much at such a young age hasn't affected her humility at the slightest. Here's our bubbly girl next door slaying like always! So adorable she is in ‘Inky Inky Ponky’, ‘Bells of Ireland’, ‘Cinnamon Goodness’, ‘Beet and Turnip’, ‘Laal Chumki’ and ‘Sweet Betel Ice Pop’ – basically every Suta she has ever draped around her amazing self!! ❤

5. Amruta Khanvilkar:

Love of beauty is taste. Creation of beauty is art. God sure was in His best form when He created you. Your rays of beauty have the power to overcome every despair and disappointment. Thank you for showing us hope. You give a touch of mystery and enigma to every Suta! She’s wearing our “Antique Gold”, “Bells of Ireland”, “Bluish Lavender”, “Slytherin”, “Butterfly Yellow” and “Antique Gold” like the heaven-kissed angel on earth that she really is, keep shining!! ❤

6. Pooja Bhatt:

You are an epitome of beauty and grace and everything in-between that transcends time I have loved you then in “Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi” and I love you now in “Bombay Begums” and everywhere in-between for being your unapologetic true self, beyond the realm of conscience ❤ You slay in every Suta we spotted you in: Beet and turnip, molten gold on cement, sand dunes and stars, Meraki maroon lines, maleficent, elysian lines, chhai, Khaas Mulakatein and slate.

She has also been seen sporting our favorite “Bossy Caramel” outside the series yay!!!

7. Amruta Subhash:

The happiness that hard work and perseverance brings is unmatchable! The glow on your face, the sparkle in your eyes, the glitter in your smile - all captured into one moment of success, joy, warmth and love is everything we needed to see today to get us more motivated than ever. We absolutely loved you in #gullyboy ❤ You carry our “Swarn-Abha” like your second skin, flawlessly!

8. Bhumi Pednekar:

Feel that vibration of happiness popping up unwittingly, as we capture the “timelessness” of a lucky and blissful moment and the sparkle of a stray instant...unexpectedly enrapturing our life in a blaze of color and splendor??? Hmmm…that. Those are the moments worth waiting for, worth living for. It's an indication that happy days are right around the corner, you just need to look deeper and embrace it at the first chance you get! Thank you for showing us the way and leading us towards that light, oh-so-beautifully. Bhumi, you are one of the brightest, most talented stars, and I knew it when I first saw you overwhelmingly adapt yourself to Sandhya in“Dum Laga Ke Haisha” and now our ‘Violaceae’ - never fail to surprise and delight us with her beautiful smile and many sterling qualities, both on and off the big screen. You go gurrlll! We are rooting for you! ❤

9. Taapsee Pannu:

During the course of a long, sweet and what felt like a conversation to remember for a lifetime with our very own, the very real drops in these precious words casually and your heart is bound to leap out of its place with sheer joy and excitement!! She says and I quote, "Love your work. There are so many good ones but I want to get something I can wear apart from Diwali also because I love wearing sarees in general"! And there she stands, gloriously spreading her light on Diwali, just like any other day!! We love you so much for everything you are, everything you have done and continue to do on screen...all of your own accord. Needless to mention, you've got some huge fans here too. Keep amazing us, keep inspiring us every day. In picture she’s wearing “Tanisi” and “Mishti Sobuj Goyna”❤

10. Kangana Ranaut:

What happens when a timeless Indian beauty meets another that takes the form of woven wonders? We unknowingly experience sartorial magic, on and off screen! Our leading lady has been known to work the six yards and enthrall her audiences in every frame. History and Indian cinema are testament to the fact that the classic vintage saree has still not gone out of style, and hopefully would never. Thanks to our magnificent actresses of all times adorned in beautiful drapes while fighting as a warrior princess (in reel-life) and casually walking out of the airport (in real-life) – both times portraying delicate, feminine as well as regal, powerful personalities!! Whether it’s nailing different roles like a pro and impressing us with her versatility or with her impeccable sense of style, Kangana never tires of sporting sarees and we are definitely NOT complaining! This gorgeous and outstanding game-changer of Bollywood strikes a perfect balance between effortlessly sexy and demure. She was seen in “Jade and Rose Quartz” and later found striking an angelic pose in our “Jasmine” – all in her signature bun and minimal accessories. Gosh!❤

11. Konkona Sen Sharma:

A name that resonates a soothing calmness, her smile so naturally captivating, her eyes sparking brilliance and kindness all at the same time. A person of extraordinary talent who manages to be incredibly demure, rational, balanced and unpretentious, making her the girl-next-door you & I, a lot of us can instantly relate to. Her movies are not very different either. She wears Suta just as beautifully as she portrays every charmingly innocent, impactful character making them so real. She’s in Orange and Pink Frangipani and we cannot help fall in love with her – all over again!! ❤

12. Swastika Mukherjee:

Her energy is infectious and her charm is surely undeniable. She inspires us to love ourselves a little more and her sense of humour puts us right in the mood for it! Her fierce honesty and her knack of living life to the fullest give her a glow that goes perfectly well with our “Jal-Jharokha” saree or our “Black Or Red Heart” blouse. She is drop-dead gorgeous! And never forgets to put her heart and soul into every character she embodies. Need I say I love you? ❤

13. Mugdha Godse:

Celebrity. When we think about that word, we don't also think of the phrase "down to earth," right? But there are actually celebrities out there who could be described that way. They are not super out of touch and unreachable like many of us think. After all, celebrities are people just like us, the ones who rise above all the hype. Not just that, they are using their power and energy to bring about positive change in the world. It is pretty awesome to see. Nearly just as awesome as our stunningly gorgeous Mugdha was in Fashion!! We didn't just see her - we SAW her, LOVED her, REMEMBER her. One of those people who are here to make the world a better place to live in. She has been seen donning our “Raw Ink Mul” and “Charulata” with utmost grace. ❤

14. Aditi Rao Hydari:

Is that our very own, amazingly beautiful, extraordinarily talented, wonderfully humble Aditi in Suta?! Yes it is! There she stands, in one of her very enchanting ways, determined to stop a thousand heartbeats at once and we sit here wondering if there's any way in heaven or earth to stop ourselves from falling in love with this magical slash mystical being over and over again! She’s wearing our handloom cotton “Meraki Maroon Lines” paired with “Tami” blouse while going #vocal4local ❤

15. Radhika Apte:

I love women who stand out without even trying to get noticed. How oblivious she is to her own charms with playful eagerness in her eyes while she watches the world rush past. She lets it because she is certain of her own pace. I love how supremely confident she is of her worth and awaits no validation from others. Needless to mention, love love loooooove Suta on you. For someone who has acted vastly across different language films Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, and English, Radhika Apte is stunningly humble and down-to-earth. As I was casually fan-girling over her commendable roles in movies like Parched, Andhadhun, Badlapur and the list goes on and on…there, we spotted her in Suta in a Clinique ad and the excitement that spawned from within was uncontainable to say the least. That feeling is going to stay with me for a very long time. Shine brighter, if that’s even possible! ❤

16. Kiara Advani:

The visual splendour of your alluring joust throughout “Lust Stories” has inspired a cult following with the sensuous minimalism of the monochromatic saree. Sounds confusing? All you gotta do is look at Kiara once again if you repeat watch the movie – oh yes that’s our “Baby Olive with Rust Gold” Neha Dhupia is found adjusting stylishly. Have we been drooling over her enchanting appearance since then? Of course! ❤

17. Shilpa Shetty:

The innocent college girl Seema in Baazigar, the sexy quirky Vaijanti in Rishtey, the gorgeous housewife Anjali in Dhadkan, the super cool and fun Mona (Basanti) in Main Khiladi Tu Anari, the mature righteous woman Shikha in Life in a Metro and many many more... there's hardly a film of hers we've missed watching while growing up. And we continue to look at her in some disbelief and some astonishment and a whole lot of admiration wondering how can one be always this stunning! She's a fitness motivation, a doting wife and mother and a true diva of not only Indian cinema but also the crowned winner of British reality television show Big Brother. And she has been seen wearing our “Jheel” in a super adorable and funny video bringing back a dose of fresh entertainment❤

Have we missed any movie of the amazing Shilpa Shetty that you love? Do let us know. We’re amazingly reachable at Instagram/Facebook and info@suta.in. Umm just saying…!!

18. Nushrat Bharucha:

Two very talented and extremely good-looking people have been seen in one frame and Suta made its way into the same frame – who wouldn’t be thrilled?! I sure am. The sensuality with which she carries our made in heaven mulmuls is mind-blowing!! Loved her in Rustic and Shaola, and of course loved seeing our heartthrob Rajkumar Rao too ❤

19. Soni Razdan:

A woman full of grit and grace, when found wearing Suta, becomes dearer than ever! She has worn our much-loved hand-embroidered blouse “Through the Eyes of a Hornbill” ❤❤

20. Tanya Maniktala:

A book so remarkable, characters so suitable, a girl so beautiful! Of course I’m talking about #ASuitableBoy and how distinctively it made its mark on us.  I’m smitten with the woman in lead who has been seen wearing our “Bluish Lavender”. <happy dancing> ❤❤

21. Fatima Sana Sheikh:

No-one exudes as much elegance through simplicity as you do. With barely any accessories or makeup you stand out with enormous grace and potential both on and off screen. We can't get enough of you! Or your looks in “JASMINE” and “ROSEATE SPOONBILLS PAKHI POLKA”. And hey, looks like you’ve borrowed and loved draping our “Cinnabar” too. These sarees have been made a thousand times more memorable because of you, that we'll (still) be talking about three decades from now. Or more? Fingers tightly crossed! ❤

If you have reached reading till this point, here’s a bonus picture of her in “Laal Pari” for you guys. It’s actually a red saree but she makes it ravishing in monochrome too! Did it get you into thinking if this is the new celeb-approved staple your ethnic wardrobe needs? Either that or you need a quick visit to www.suta.in! Happy saree-ing darlings!! 

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