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Puzzle Punch (Saree)

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Product Type: Saree

Length: 5.5 meters Width: 44.5 inches

Blouse Piece: No

Fabric: Modal Viscose

Wash Care: Gentle Handwash

Blouse: The model is wearing S size blouse called Burnt Winter Coal

Disclaimer: The pictures are clicked in daylight. Colour may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

Note : Please note that these sarees will not come with a fall so as to retain and highlight the beautiful flow of the fabric. However, you may choose to have a fall attached at your own discretion.


What You will Recieve: 1 Saree

Level 6: Puzzle Punch

She was the only 3D object in a 2D world. And she recognised nothing. All she saw around her was blobs of what could have been… anything, really. A car, a home, a person, a tree, a building… she couldn’t tell. And that made this world even more confusing. It felt like a gigantic puzzle that had splayed around her and she, somehow, had to make sense of it. Only, nothing made sense.  

Tara closed her eyes and imagined what she would look like in a 2D world. She imagined the contours of her body translated into a flat piece and envisioned where the piece would fit into this large, vibrant puzzle around her. Trusting her inner voice, she gingerly made her way to that corner of this world and settled in. And, like a key clicked in a lock, the world came alive. It celebrated her and her ingenuity by showering her with confetti in every colour. And, when it was time to leave, this world draped itself around her like a robe, wrapping her in a warm, tender hug.  

Finding your place in the gigantic jigsaw puzzle called life can be daunting. But you’re always just one piece away from completing and admiring the bigger picture. Let this printed saree, crafted from modal viscose, guide you to it.

To be continued… 


Viscose and modal are bio-based fibres derived from plants. They are extracted from a compound called cellulose, which lends stiffness and support to plants. This cellulose is realigned to create a fabric that is soft, durable and breathable. When both the fibres are combined, modal imparts lightness and a rich feel to the fabric. Both the fibres are responsibly sourced and have a low carbon footprint.

Puzzle Punch - suta
Puzzle Punch Sale priceRs. 5,800.00

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